AP Studio Students Show Off Their Hard Work in Gallery


Credit to Anastasia Medley

Senior Anastasia Medley submitted a painting of an otter for the gallery display. (photo by Anastasia Medley)

By Aimee Clive, Yearbook Student Life Editor

Students in AP Studio Art will soon have their work displayed for community viewing in the Lillian Yahn Gallery running from April 3 to April 20. This is an annual event for the class, and it is the first time many of the students have had the opportunity to display their artwork in a public gallery.

“[I’m excited about] the fact that I’m able to show my art to the general public, which I’m usually self-conscious about,” senior Anastasia Medley said. “But in those two pieces I chose, I feel confident in showing others.”

Artists had the freedom to choose whatever two art pieces they wanted most to be featured in the gallery. There are only nine students in the class this year, all of whom are seniors, creating a more intimate environment for them to grow and improve. Each student will have created at least 24 pieces by the end of the school year.

“I’m more excited about the fact that this is the first time I’ve ever had someone that’s not my friends, family or school peers seeing my artwork,” senior Kat King said. “It’s like a bunch of strangers are going to be looking at something that I spent time on.”

There will be a closing reception on April 20 at 6:30 p.m. for friends and families to honor all of the students’ work in the gallery.

“I love seeing my students there with their families and all the smiling faces,” AP Studio Art teacher Mandy Knight said. “There’s just a lot of love in the air and everyone’s just very proud of each other and supportive. It’s great because they deserve it, to get the recognition.”