3/8 NHS Induction [Photo Gallery]


By Kyra Peper, Photographer

On Wednesday, March 8, sophomores and juniors were inducted into NHS. There was 120 inductees, the largest amount in FHN history. Due to the large numbers, the induction ceremony was held in the big gym, instead of the auditorium.

“I chose to get inducted because I think it’s a really good club to get involved in the community,” sophomore Katie Prinkey said.

The inductees have to answer a question in front of the crowd. This years question was “If you could time travel, what would you go back to and why?”. The induction ceremony was also the time where the senior NHS officers passed their roles onto the junior officers.

“I feel like NHS affects the students by giving the students a chance to be involved in the community, be active in the community, and help out wherever they can,” senior NHS president Bryce Perry said. (Photos by Kyra Peper)