MESS Continues Work on New Album


Credit to Photo Submitted

Michael Shine and Ethan Samson’s recording equipment is shown after a recording session.

By Keegan Schuster

FHN music duo, MESS, will soon release their next album. Consisting of seniors Michael Shine and Ethan Samson, the duo hopes to have it released by the end of the school year. The album will be an EP, and will serve as a follow-up to their debut, “Inside.”

“I’m very excited for the new MESS album because they are super talented and they are my friends, which makes it even that much cooler,” fan Derek Prell said. “I genuinely feel like this album will be top-notch.”

MESS began work on the album in October 2016, with the first single “Cosmonaut” being released in early 2017. The album will contain an estimated eight songs, making it the duo’s longest release. According to Samson, the duo has been working hard to greatly improve their audio quality and mixing skills, with work on the album being completed in his home studio with a producer.

“We just adjusted our process and learned how to work more effectively with what we have,” Samson said. “We’ve become more consistent at getting the take we need for the song. We have been able to focus more on aspects such as expression this time around.”

While keeping the same upbeat, alternative sound, Shine and Samson plan to add more reggae elements to their music. However, the duo continues to experiment with many different genres, even working on a demo for a jazz song. Over summer, they plan to play more shows throughout the community and serve as an opening act for multiple local bands. With the release of the album, MESS hopes to open the door for opportunity in the St. Louis music scene.

“We’ve been listening to our fan’s opinions and critiquing our music for this album,” Shine said. “I’m excited to see what people think.”