Junior Class Delegates Make Plans to Set Up on the Day of Prom


Credit to Jared Kinnard

The New Town Event Tent stands along Galt House Dr in New Town, St. Charles. The tent hosts a variety events, including FHN’s prom.

By Peyton Rives, Yearbook Staffer

The annual prom dance, presented by the junior delegates, will be held at the New Town Event Center on Saturday, May 6 from 7-10 p.m. The junior delegates host the event for FHN juniors and seniors, and they have been planning the event for many months.

“I think the most exciting part for me will be whenever everything is finally put together,” junior class president Caitlind Walker said. “I love seeing all the students actually entering the venue and seeing all of our hard work pay off.”

Prom tickets were on sale on April 3-7 and will continue to be sold on April 24-28 for $50. This price is a significant decrease since last year, and this is due to the many changes that are being instituted. Tickets can be purchased during all lunches on the dates listed, and guest forms are available outside of room eight.

“I think that my favorite part will be spending time with my friends,” class delegate Grant Freitas said. “It’s going to be a fun time and I’ve never been to prom before, so it will be a new experience. I know that it’s a lot different than homecoming.”

With prom nearing, the junior delegates have spent many busy weeks preparing for the special event. Planning started in December, and a theme was chosen by FHN juniors and seniors through a vote. Hollywood was eventually named the winner, and the delegates have been composing floral arrangements, ticket designs, a menu and other decorations to go along with the theme.

“As always, I’m most excited to see the kids,” junior class sponsor Marissa Cohen said. “They spend all this time and energy getting ready for a big event, and it’s a big deal. So it’s just really fun for me to see all the students dressed up.”

While many things of the night will remain the same as years past, a venue change and alterations to the meal have been instituted this year. Instead of serving a full meal, heavy hors d’oeuvres will be provided for students to eat.

“Some feedback that I have been hearing is really positive,” Cohen said. “Students are really excited about the lower cost and to have some food, but not have to eat food that they don’t like. A lot of schools do a venue change every year, so that they get to experience multiple different places. Change is not always a bad thing.”