Joe Tierney Gets a Full Ride

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Joe Tierney Gets a Full Ride

By Martin Groves

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Every year, the Evans Scholars Foundation awards four-year full ride scholarships to graduating high school caddies across the U.S., one of which this year was senior Joe Tierney. To qualify, Tierney had to have worked as a caddie regularly for a minimum of two years, and have demonstrated academic ability.  

“You get great business connections caddying,” Tierney said. “You meet a lot of the higher end people in St. Louis.”

Tierney began caddying during summer his freshman year at Bellerive Country Club in Town and Country, following in the footsteps of several of his family members.

“It was something my dad pushed a lot,” Tierney said. “He was an Evans scholar and caddied whenever he was a kid, as did two of my uncles.”

The Evans Scholars Foundation awarded 260 full tuition and housing scholarships this year alone, with Evans houses at 15 different universities, including the University of Missouri in Columbia, where Tierney will be attending.

”It’s a great opportunity that opened up for me that I’m grateful for,” Tierney said. “It should be a fun few years ahead now.”

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