Students Take Trips to Foreign Countries

Students Take Trips to Foreign Countries

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By Anna Lindquist

Students interested in Spanish, French and German are going on trips this upcoming summer. Spanish is going to Ecuador from June 10 -June 21, French is going to France from June 12 -June 20 and German is going to Germany from June 16 -June 26. Spanish teacher Brian Santos, French teacher Dave Fritz and German teacher Anne McPartland are sponsoring the trips.

“We’re off to Ecuador, and, obviously, we are going to be immersed in the language,” Santos said. “Just being surrounded by the Spanish language is going to really help the students reinforce their vocabulary.“

While being immersed in the country, the students also get to experience the country and its history, as well as its language.

“I’m super excited to see all the monuments and the museums,“ junior French student Leah Chaney said. “I’m also excited to travel and learn about the culture and go to the restaurants.”