Summer School Held At FHN This Year


Credit to Sam Cary

Every year, summer school is hosted at a different FHSD school, and this year it will be held here at FHN. Summer school will be June 5-30 with teachers being chosen or volunteering to teach classes.

“It’s really beneficial for students to attend summer school,” Patricia Bartell, math and summer school teacher, said. “It helps people get ahead in their credits or helps them when they’ve fallen behind.”

Because it is here this year, it will be more convenient for the students who attend FHN. Some students will be here taking summer school classes, and other students will be taking online courses and taking the final at the school.

“It’ll be more helpful for me because of the proximity and more familiar because I go here,” junior Amber Pryor said. “It’ll be easier to take the final in a place I know because I’m more comfortable here.”