Dancing Into New Changes For Prom


Credit to Jared Kinnard

By Paige Prinster

This years prom, being held on May 6, will be the first year that FHN has held prom in New Town. Contrary to popular belief, the event will not be held fully outdoors. It will instead be in a permanent event tent. Along with the location change from the St. Charles Convention Center to New Town, the full meal that has been featured in previous years has been cut out and replaced by appetizers from Frenchtown Catering.

“I think these changes will make setting up prom way less stressful,” junior class treasurer Audrey Forth said. “It will be really nice, and I’m excited for the changes being made.”

The changes were brought about after junior delegate sponsor Marissa Cohen received complaints from students who attended prom in 2016. Cohen said students thought the price of tickets were too high, at $60 to $75 per ticket, and they didn’t enjoy the full meal that was provided. So, to lower the price to make prom more accessible for everyone, the location change was made, and a full dinner with assigned seating was cut out, making tickets only $50.

“After every big event, we need to reflect on what happened,” Cohen said. “These changes will make prom more accessible to a larger group of people.”