Junior Alex Baker begins to Manage at Deters Frozen Custard after a New Promotion


By Sarah Zimmerman

Turn on the lights. Set the chairs down. Prepare the custard machines. Turn on the signs. Wait at the cash register. Serve the customers. The to-do list as one of the new managers at Deters Frozen Custard includes taking on new responsibilities for junior Alex Baker now that he’s been promoted to manager for this season.

“Right now, I have to train a lot of people, so we are in charge of training them, making sure everything is stocked up and that everything runs smoothly,” Baker said. “If anything goes wrong, it’s nice to have control and make sure [everything] gets done right. I like having more control and not in a bad way but good control, where I can make decisions and have an opinion and be able to get a lot of the stuff done that needs to get done.”

With a fun environment and kind friends, Baker can enjoy managing at Deters, especially with a few extra roles. On top of running the custard, ensuring the toppings are made and speaking to customers, Baker also has the chance to oversee these functions of Deters now that he’s manager.

After being promoted at the start of this season, Baker also opens the shop and is larger a role model for other employees.

“He’s super nice, very easy going, [has] helped me a lot and [has] showed me how to work everything there,” sophomore and employee Dylan Brune said. “Sometimes people get trainers that are super hard and don’t do a good job at training people, but he did a very good job at training me on what to do.”

By taking on new leadership, Baker is able to give suggestions on how to improve day-to-day functions. He is also in charge of ensuring that all customers are content.

“He had a really good grasp on day-to-day operations, and he knew what he was doing and was the type of person that could articulate that to other people and make sure what needs to get done gets done,” Deters owner Katie Simon said. “He’s very responsible and observant. He can see what needs to be done and how to do it. He’s really good with people. When he’s there, I don’t have to worry about anything.”