Class of 2017 Gives Advice to the Class of 2018


Credit to Sami Schmid

FHN alum Amy Wedewer stands in front of the Class of 2017 pennants in the commons.

By Sami Schmid

This year is coming to an end and soon the class of 2017 will turn their tassels giving way to a new senior class. In order for the class of 2018 to survive their last year in these hallways and classrooms, the Class of 2017 has given some advice for these future students taking their place. Many seniors advise getting on top of choosing a college and applying due to the fact that senior year has the added stress of figuring out what the future holds.

“Live up your senior year,” FHN alum Kelly Mahaffey said. “You only have one year left. It can be your hardest year because senioritis hits you hard.”

While seniors warn about the pains of senioritis and college prep, they also stress that it’s a year for fun and making memories as well. Many students stress the need to find a balance between the two.

“Above all else embrace the new beginnings,” FHN alum Amy Wedewer said. “With college approaching, the weight of the world feels heavy on your shoulders. Take a breath and trust that it will be okay. It may seem that you must have your whole life figured out. You don’t. It’s okay to not know. You are only 18. You have your whole life ahead of you. The magic of new beginnings is that there’s not just one right way. There are countless possibilities, and each one is perfectly okay.”

Overall Seniors feel that making memories and enjoying the last year of high school is an important part of senior year. Senior, Meredyth Wood, advises future students to spend more time laughing and enjoying life despite what others think.

“I cannot stress it enough: make the most of it,” Wedewer said. “Cherish every moment. Even the tiny seemingly insignificant moments become the best memories.”