Girls Volleyball Q&A with Kent Stover


By Joel Boenitz

Q: What are your goals for the season?

A: “Our goals for this season are basically to improve each match. Our goal is to get a little bit better each match and I would like to do well in districts.”

Q: How has your team been preparing for the season?

A: “We have done a lot of conditioning because we have a lot of matches early on in the season and playing together and trying to become part of the same team, so we’ve been doing a lot of team based stuff.”

Q: A bunch of the players think that this year will probably be their best season because of the chemistry between the girls is pretty good. Is there a team that you’ve coached over these years that these girls remind you of? Or are they unique?

A: “ They’re sort of unique, they don’t really remind me of any other teams.”

Q: Does the team have any traditions that they do?

A: “We have several. We play a game that the girls usually play on Fridays. Other than that, I mean there are a couple of others, probably about one or two others, but yeah nothing that exciting.”

Q: Are there any players that stand out in your eyes?

A: “Not really, they all do their job. They all get out on the court, they do their job. They enjoy playing with each other and there is a lot of communication. We just spend a lot of time talking and making sure everybody is on the same page.

Q: Who do you think will be your toughest opponent this year and why?

A: “Howell, because they’re always tall and they returned a bunch of starters from last year.”

Q: One thing that is different this year is that you will be holding an ace-a-thon. How do you think that will affect the play from everybody on the team?

A: “ I don’t really think it’s affecting anybody at all, I just think we’re enjoying every time we get an ace, we’re enjoying it just a little bit more though because we’re raising money for a good cause.”