Runs in the Family: The Role Sports Have Played in the Pauley Family


Senior Sahaura Pauley fields a ground ball vs. Troy on 8/28.

By Dominic Hoscher

In the world of sports, more often than not when one person is involved in a sport, so is a good majority of the rest of their family. This could be as a result of a multitude of things. One could be due to a parent encouraging their kids to take up an athletic activity, another could be someone seeing a relative of theirs playing a sport and they have a desire to get involved as well in order to fit in. This has led to, in some families, the playing of a sport almost being a tradition.

This applies to Sahaura and the Pauley family.

“This tradition definitely applies to my family, as my parents were very athletic”, Sahaura Pauley said, “and couldn’t see us not playing sports.”

Sahaura started to get involved in sports when she was young, like the rest of her family. Growing up and playing a sport side-by-side with a sibling has its benefits. One of these is being able to compete with each other year in and year out. This has had a large effect on Sahaura and her level of play.

“Playing side-by-side has been fun and its’ effects have been positive,” Sahaura said, “and it’s helped because I’m now playing at an upper level.”

Scott Pauley Jr., Sahaura’s younger brother, is also involved in many sports ranging from football in the fall to baseball in the spring. He talks about what it is like to be in a family that is invested in such a large number of sports.

“With so many sports, there is always a game to go to or an activity involving sports to go to,” Scott Pauley said. “But I definitely enjoy it, and it keeps me busy and makes me competitive.”

When asked about which sport that he takes part in is his top preference, Scott said that all three of football, basketball, and baseball are on the same level to him. Sahaura and Austine(Sahaura’s older sister), however, both came to a consensus favorite: softball.

“Softball has been one of my favorites because I’ve gotten to travel through it and meet new people,” Austine Pauley said. “It has also taught me some life lessons, like how to communicate and stay committed.”

More than anything, sports can have a large effect on a family as a whole. One of the main ways it does this is by making even better connections among siblings and allowing them to be even closer with one another.

“It made us a lot stronger and closer,” Scott said. “And we push each other in what sport we are playing in.”

Austine also commented on how the effect of sports on their family.

“I think it’s brought our family closer,” Austine said, “because we have friendly competition along the way which makes it a little more fun in the house.”