Blockbuster Trade has Irving Boston Bound


Credit to Editorial credit: Jamie Lamor Thompson /

By Elizabeth Wagner

Last week, the Cleveland Cavaliers traded Kyrie Irving to the Boston Celtics in exchange for Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic and the Nets’ 2018 first round pick. After a few days for the situation to calm down, the question must be asked: who won?


Cavaliers get:

Isaiah Thomas

Jae Crowder

Ante Zizic

Brooklyn Nets 2018 unprotected first round pick

Thomas is agreeably a downgrade from Irving, but as a more collaborative player will likely mesh well with LeBron. A dedicated player fresh off of a borderline MVP campaign, he should take on a place as a top scorer for the Cavs.

Reviews have consistently overlooked the importance of Crowder in the trade, ignoring the fact that more than anything the Cavs need a reliable 3 point shooter, which is where Crowder fits the bill.

Even with these two talented players, the best part of the deal for the Cavs is the Nets pick. Judging from their season last year, it’s an extremely valuable selection, one that Boston has been rather reluctant to surrender during the last 5 years. Cleveland now has options no matter what happens with LeBron. If he chooses to leave, they have a great pick to start their rebuild right off the bat. And if he stays, the Cavaliers can pawn off the pick for any needed asset next season.


Celtics get:

Kyrie Irving

It is a well-known fact Kyrie Irving delivers an underwhelming performance as a defender and at many times was nothing more than a “sidekick” (2015 Sports Illustrated) for LeBron. But even with this in mind he is still undoubtedly an upgrade for Boston from Isaiah Thomas. Irving has a much better current contract standing and with his creative type of play, he is one who a team can be built on.

All in all the Cavs took the win in this trade, earning an A rating, with a close call against the Celtics holding a respectable B. The true outcome of the trade won’t be known until the season rolls around and the results can be seen on the court. The good news is we don’t have to wait long with the first game of this NBA season set to take place on October 17 with the Celtics in Cleveland.