FCA Hosts Tailgate to Kick Off the Year


Credit to Noelle Lyons

On August 31, FCA held a tailgate for the first time this year, it was held on the band field.

By Sophie Carite

On Thursday, August 31, FCA hosted a tailgate for the first time on the band field. The tailgate lasted from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. with about 25 students in attendance.

“We do a rally each year, but this is our first year doing it as a tailgate,” club sponsor Sara White said.

The FCA student leaders were the ones who came up with the idea of hosting the annual rally as a tailgate. FCA is almost entirely run by students who do their best to ensure that everyone has fun while growing closer to God in the process

“We have great leadership this year,” White said. “We have kids that are willing to put in the effort to make the club awesome and expand it.”

The FCA model is set up so that it is entirely student run, which then allows the students to grow even closer to each other and with their religion through the responsibility running a club gives them. FCA hopes to have another successful year and bring the Christian community in FHN closer than in the year before.

“The rally is a kick off for our entire year,” White said. “We want to get people excited and get students to continue to come back to huddles.”

FCA is open to any student who wants to attend and do their best to get everyone involved in games and activities that the club hosts.

“I like that the leaders know what people are coming to huddles for,” sophomore Elizabeth Cox said. “They shouldn’t push the religion on people just because it’s a Christian group”

The club stuck to their motto of “food, fellowship and fun” with activities like volleyball, kickball, whiffle ball and other group sports. They also had food like brownies, hot dogs, chips and lemonade, but not before saying a group prayer.

“Its really fun,” junior  Malachi Feddersen said. “It’s a good way to meet other Christians in the school that aren’t afraid to express their religion.”