Varsity Soccer Falls to Howell 1-0 to Snap Five Game Win Streak


Credit to Jared Kinnard

Coach Larry Scheller talks to the team during the soccer game vs Howell on Sept. 12.

By Kaitlyn Snyder

On Sept. 12, FHN played the FHHS Vikings at home. The Knights fell to the Vikings 1-0. This game broke FHN’s five game winning streak. This was their first game against FHHS and marked the second loss of the season, the first one being to Rockwood Summit.

“We have a game plan we like to execute every game and I thought that our kids did a great job of executing what we are trying to work at as a team,” coach Larry Scheller said.

During the first half both defense and offense complemented each other well. Defense worked efficiently protecting the goal. Goalkeeper Corey Valleroy made some great saves during the game. At the 11-minute mark, Mateo Morales had the first attempt on goal. Shortly after that, Adam Shine was given a free kick at 21 minutes and missed.

“We played very defensive,” Scheller said. “We were playing a very good Howell team that really takes advantage of teams and really pushes the ball.” 

The second half had a bit more action. Around the 53-minute mark the crowd, coaches and players got upset at a call they perceived as bad by the referee. The team felt as if FHHS did not deserve the corner kick. FHHS ended up getting back-to-back corner kicks which only upset FHN more. FHHS scored on a different corner kick in the 56th minute. After that, the Knights’ offense had more shots on goal. Shine had three more goal attempts, one being a free kick. FHN still couldn’t get the ball in the net though.

“When they sustained pressure against us we didn’t get the ball out and then a couple calls might not have gone our way, but we didn’t get the ball out,” senior Thomas Bell said.

FHN’s next game is at home against Holt, which will be their first game with that team this season. The next time they play FHHS is on Oct. 10. The Knights are hoping to bounce back from this loss and are looking forward to starting a new winning streak.

“You don’t always get the results you want,” Bell said. “Sometimes we might not win but we still played one of our better games tonight.”