The Brainfreeze Experience Breaks Normal Food Truck Expectations

Madi Shinault and Carsten Adams

By Sophie Carite

Video: The Brain Freeze Experience is a local food truck located off of Harvester Road and Caulks Hill. Not only does it sell a wide variety of fair foods, but it also includes fun activities such as washers, bean bag tossing and frisbee.

Brother-sister run food truck the Brain Freeze Experience has found its permanent home on Caulks Hill. Co-owners Katelyn Hunn and Tyler Foulon have had it up and running since late May and plan to stay open year-round.

“I like serving people,” Hunn said. “Seeing other people happy makes me happy.”

The environment of the truck was important to Hunn and Foulon. In most instances, customers would take their food and leave, but at The Brain Freeze Experience, there are colorful, hand-made picnic tables to sit at and yard games, like a bean bag toss, for kids to play.

“I like the atmosphere and the funnel cakes,” sophomore Noelle Lyons said. “I think the owners are really nice.”

Having a place for people to spend time was important to Hunn and Foulon when planning the truck. They wanted to have a place where people of all types and ages would want to be.

“We welcome all high school kids,” Foulon said. “Anyone who brings in a school ID gets $1 off anything.”

Hunn and Foulon both agree that The Brain Freeze Experience is very much a happy, family environment. They appreciate and treat every customer with kindness, because both owners enjoy working in a place where they get to try and put a smile on someone’s face.

“I like meeting new people and seeing all the families that return,” Hunn said. “I like watching moms and their kids have fun.”

The truck offers items like shaved ice, hot dogs, brats, chili dogs and nachos. However, they’re most known for their funnel cakes.

“We have the world’s best funnel cakes,” Hunn said. “They’re fluffy, crunchy and sweet. With other places, just the powdered sugar is sweet but our batter is sweet.”

During 2017, the truck hasn’t been moving, and won’t be moving anytime soon. Hunn and Foulon aren’t opposed to bringing their brand to festivals and events in the coming years, though.

“If we traveled we would bring our name and leave the truck,” Hunn said. “This is its home. This way we can host events like birthday parties, and people can hang out.”

Because of the already successful beginning to the truck, Hunn and Foulon are looking to the future with hopes to expand both their business and menu with items like ribs and burgers.

“We’re not going anywhere,” Foulon said. “Hopefully, within the next year or two, we’ll have another location.”