Varsity Seniors Jessica Qian and Brianna Schmidt Work to Advance to State


Credit to Wil Skaggs

Senior Briana Schmidt takes her stance to tee off at Lake Forest Golf Course Aug. 31 during her tri-match between Timberland and St. Dominic. Schmidt has been playing varsity golf for FHN since freshman year.

By Mackenzie Pugh

Seniors Jessica Qian and Brianna Schmidt work to advance to State again this year in golf. Although neither advanced last year, Qian went her freshman year and Schmidt went her sophomore year. They both advanced to Sectionals last year.

“I really want Witthaus to be able to go to State as a coach,” Schmidt said. “It’s really cool as a player, but he’s never been, and I would like for him to get the opportunity.”

The two agree that their key setback at Sectionals last year took place on the 11th hole, which was located near a patch of woods that proved hazardous for the girls . Schmidt scored a 13 on the hole and Qian scored an 11.

“It was a fluke thing that happened, and the tournament won’t be at the same spot so they will be more prepared this year,“ golf coach Chris Witthaus said.

To prepare, the girls practice every day after school and on their own over the weekends.

“Golf is a weird sport in that it all comes down to how good do you want to be,”   Witthaus said. “They have both been playing for a long time and they made the decision that they want to be good at it. I would love for Bri and Jess to make it to State.”