Sophomore and Varsity Athlete Paige Hercules Reflects on Last Season and Gives Some Insight to the Upcoming Season


Credit to Savannah Wandzel

Sophomore Paige Hercules runs in a meet at Forest Park on Sept. 9

By Patty O'Leary

Q: Looking forward, how do you hope the rest of the season goes for you and your team?

A: “I think that the girls team looks really good this year, and we’re all pushing ourselves really hard so hopefully it’ll all pay off. We’re looking to go to state this year.”

Q: What challenges have you faced so far in this season?

A: “I was kind of weak in the beginning but I realized that I need to start picking up the pace, now I just keep pushing myself everyday at practice.”

Q: What culture are you trying to create this year and how does it compare to last years?

A: “We have an awesome atmosphere, everyone is super nice. Last year it was that way too but this year even more. Everyone is so positive, even if you’re not on the top of the team you’re still getting the support from the captains. There’s a whole bunch of awesome support no matter where you are in your running spot.”

Q: With the new addition co-captains from last year to this year, how’s the experience now and what’s it like?

A: “I think having them is nice because it’s always nice having those people to look up to or go to whenever you need something or just having the role models of the team is great.”

Q: How do you mentally prepare for meets?

A: ”I try not to stress about it and mainly just focus on being excited about meets. I try to be laid-back about it but also knowing my goals”

Q: How’s the preparation from meets different from this season to last season for you?

A: Well it’s different for me because last season I was new and I didn’t really know what to expect from cross country. This year I’m definitely a lot more prepared and I know what I’m looking towards and my goals.”

Q: What are some things you can take away from this team not as an athlete but rather as a person?

A: “I feel like the sport has made me very mentally strong. It always keeps me busy and I like having friends on the team.”