Marching Band has a New Drum Major


Credit to Christian Witte

Sophomore Grace Sickendick has joined fellow drum major Sam Weaver for the 2017-2018 marching band season.

By Natalie Seay, Yearbook Editor

The drum major is a key part of marching band. They always make sure the band stays in time and keeps a steady tempo. This year, there is a new drum major, and her name is Grace Sickendick.

“I wanted to be the drum major so I could help the band and help them to improve,” sophomore Grace Sickendick said.

Also known as the conductor, drum majors are the leaders of the band who help band director Robert Stegeman. The head drum major last year left, leaving a drum major position open. The second drum major moved up to head drum major, and Stegeman chose Sickendick to be the new one. Already involved in marching band, Sickendick became drum major after having played the saxophone since sixth grade.

“I think Grace was picked to be drum major because she’s very responsible and a really good leader,” sophomore Jenna Perry said.

Sickendick not only plays saxophone, but she also plays bass for jazz band, giving her many musical talents that could aid her as drum major.

“Grace has really helped us improve and is one of my best friends,” junior Rasha Shaker said.