The FHN Masque Players Finish Tech Week in Anticipation of Opening Night of “A Piece of My Heart”


Credit to Savannah Wandzel

Drama Club prepares for their first showing of "A Piece of My Heart." The first showing is on Oct. 5 at 7 p.m.

By Jenny Blanchard

This year, FHN is in for a great treat. The drama program will be performing “A Piece of My Heart” for the fall production. This week the cast and crew have been hard at work in the last minute flurry of activities called, “Tech Week.”

“You’re working out all of the kinks,” junior Sarah Maye said. “You’re making sure all of the light cues are correct. You’re making sure every scene is perfect with props and running crew.”

Tech Week occurs several days before the production of any play or musical. During Tech Week the cast and crew complete final preparations to ensure the play can be executed without error. Most recently, last Friday, Monday and Wednesday the dedicated thespians stayed after school until 8 p.m, working feverishly into the night.

“It’s basically just time for practicing the whole show, getting things perfect and perfecting final touches,” said junior Eve Abuazza, who is an officer and head of costume & makeup.

Throughout Tech Week, the crew perfects lighting, sound, makeup and countless other important aspects of the play. At the same time, the cast practices various scenes, stitching together what will become an entertaining production. Even the most minor mistakes are caught and corrected. By the end of the week, every member of the production is ready to deliver the play for their audience.

“We get to eat dinner together,” Abuazza said. “It’s nice to have everyone together for a while.”

The drama program was hard at work this week, but it’s not all hard work. The group of thespians get to really come together as a team.

“You make a lot of memories with people,” Maye said. “You get a lot closer to your fellow actors and thespians, because, hey, we’re all stressed to together.”

The production will be held on Oct. 5, 6 and 7. Tickets will be sold in advance for five dollars until Friday, Oct. 6. They can be purchased during lunches in the commons or on the FHSD website. If you forget to buy your tickets in advance, they can be purchased for eight dollars at the door.