FHN hosts Fifth Annual Music in Motion Competition


Credit to David Hernandez

Junior Drum Major Sam Weaver salutes the judges as the FHN Knightpride Band prepares to perform at Music in Motion.

By David Hernandez, Yearbook Staffer

As the rest of FHN enjoyed the cool autumn weather of Fall Break, the FHN campus became the mainstage for one of the final performances of the FHN Knight Pride Marching Band. On Oct. 21, the fifth annual Music in Motion competition took place where seven bands performed back to back for a chance to win at one of the last marching band competitions of the year.

“I think that we try to maintain a relaxed feel where groups can come in and they are not rushed for time,” said Band Director Rob Stegeman. “Then they get direct feedback from our judges immediately after their performance. A lot of shows make you wait until the end, this gives you immediate feedback from your judges.”

Throughout the day different bands all congregated in the early morning and practiced all of their routines. They combined not only spectacular musical arrangements, but also dazzling choreography and great prop work. All of it culminating with one of the performances by the FHN Knight Pride Band’s show, “Jump,” as an exhibition.

“It’s a good way to show how far we’ve come as a band, because I know that a lot of the bands that are here have seen us at many competitions and have seen us grow,” said junior, and head of the crew, Zion Perry. “I think it’s a good way to show that we are still here.”

Food was sold by the National Honor Society at the event. Crowds cheered as the bands began their shows with a salute from their drum majors. Music filled the audience with such energy, as the judges graded and the music played.

“I think we did very well,” said senior Christian Witte. “I felt a lot of good energy around me and I think it was a good performance overall.”

Performances included Lee’s Summit North High School Marching Band’s Game of Thrones inspired show “Winter is Coming,” St James High School’s Red Regiment’s “Tonatiuh” or children of the sun and Living World Christian High School’s “Jubilee.” In the end Battle High School’s Marching Band from Columbia, Missouri won first place with their intense show entitled “The Voice of One,” earning Outstanding Music, Outstanding Visual, Outstanding Percussion and Outstanding Color Guard as well.

“A lot of bands came out [and] they watched us perform,” said junior Drum Major Sam Weaver. “It was just a fun experience for other bands [to be] with us.”