Rashon Johnson Leads Team as a Senior Leader This Year


Credit to Jordan Milewczik

The Knights attempt to make a tackle vs. FZE on 8/25.

By Jalen Fleming, Yearbook Staffer

Rashon Johnson is a senior that has been playing on the Francis Howell North varsity football team for multiple years. He has played football for five years and is noticeably a valuable player and also a leader on the team. Johnson has made many improvements as a football player within his career playing at Francis Howell North. He has become a defensive anchor and has also gained a starting spot on the offensive and defensive lines.

“I am doing much better. I am running harder, making more tackles, and getting much more highlights,” Johnson said. “I am playing my role as a player and leader.”

Johnson said he is proud of the improvements the football team has made together. There has been a lot adversity this season with injuries and mishaps. The team had to respond to everything that has happened this season. They worked well together to overcome obstacles as a whole.

“We are coming together and becoming a team and a family,” Johnson said. “We are not arguing. We are getting along and we are always there for each other no matter what. We stand up for each other.

Robbie O’Loughlin is a junior on the football team and is another important player on the defense. Robbie feels that the team needs more leaders like Johnson.

“He’s a great leader,” O’Loughlin said. “He has helped our team become one and better. We need more players like him.”