Grant’s Farm Hosts Annual Halloween Festival


Credit to Sophie Carite

Grant’s Farm held its annual Halloween nights throughout October until Oct. 29.

By Sophie Carite

Grant’s Farm’s Halloween celebration started on Oct. 6 and ended on Oct. 29. The extended hours for the holiday lasted from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m, with the park offering spooky decorations, music and the same activities Grant’s Farm has always offered.

“I think people come out to enjoy the music, wearing their costumes with the kids and pretty much the same old Grant’s Farm everyone knows and loves,” said two year employee John Shelly.

 Due to the changes in weather, not all aspects of the park could be the same. Most animals, like iguanas and turtles, that are kept within the park are put away for their own health during the Halloween season.

 “I loved seeing all the animals on the train ride through the field,” said sophomore Anjolina Blackwell. “But I just wish there had been more to see inside the park.”

 Putting animals away for the night isn’t the only way Grants Farm has been preparing for the cold, swapping out the classic snowcone stands around the park for hot chocolate, and advising guests to dress warmly and in layers.

 “It got really cold around the time the sun went down, so I can see why not as many things were open,” Blackwell said.

 Despite these closures, the carousel, food and the opportunity to feed baby goats are still very much available.  

“Feeding the goats was probably my favorite part, but the hot chocolate and music was fun too,” Blackwell said. “I would definitely consider coming back as long as I dress warmer next time.”