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Children walk down the halls of FHN, in costume, on Oct. 27. Student Council held its annual Trick-or-Treat Street, with 11 clubs participating this year.

Student Council Holds Annual Trick or Treat Street

Published: October 31, 2017

Halloween comes every year and is many people’s favorite holiday, and along with it comes its many traditions. Halloween is full of pumpkin carving, costumes and scary movies, but most importantly, trick or treating. Student Council has taken all these great traditions and combined them into a night for any kid to remember.

“It brings new activities and candy, especially candy, and time to hang out with the family to the kids,” said Trick or Treat Street volunteer Coong Tran.

Trick or Treat Street involves all the clubs at school that are willing to decorate their room and give out some candy. This year there were 11 different clubs helping out. One of the many unique things about this event is that it all takes place inside the school. Kids walk from classroom to classroom, playing games and winning prizes, mainly candy.

“[We put it on for the] community and little kids who will hopefully come to North one day,” said teacher Shelly Parks, sponsor of Student Council. “Hopefully it makes our community more excited about their future children coming here.”

The kids enjoy the many activities that the clubs put on for them. Student Council hosted games like bingo, fishing for candy and a small pool filled with packing peanuts where they would search for prizes. There was a bouncy house in the commons and Knights of Excellence put on a game where kids would race each other to eat a donut without hands while it was suspended from the ceiling by a string.

“It’s fun for the kids because they get a lot of candy and it is a good experience for them in their childhood,” said Tran.

Student Council puts on many of the big events at school and have been preparing for Trick or Treat Street for over a month. It has been a hit ever since it first started and continues to bring families back every year for more candy and fun.

“It helps to show the community how great our school is,” said Parks. “It brings the clubs in our school together which increases school spirit.”

Trick or Treat Street was held on Friday, Oct. 27 in classrooms around school. Parents paid two dollars to get in and their children could play games and get candy.(Photos by Kylah Woods)

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