Athletes of the Week: Q&A’s with Reilly Harris and Janae Watkins


Credit to Kamryn Bell

Senior Janae Watkins gets set to throw the ball in an FHN softball game. Senior Reilly Harris prepares for a tennis match for Howell North.

By Dominic Hoscher and Stacy Beasley

Reilly Harris 

Q: What kind of role has tennis played in your life?

A: Tennis has kind of played a big role for me. It has taught me how to work with a team better and how important it is to have a positive attitude towards things even when you might not be happy with the situation.

Q: How did the season go for you individually? As a team?

A: Individually, it was kind of half-and-half. For the team, we could’ve done better, but Isabella and Olivia were undefeated in their doubles and did really well.

Q: What would you consider your best match of the season?

A: Probably my singles against Central in GACs. The girl I played is at the same level as me, so it’s never an easy match and we both try really hard.

Q: What are some of the most challenging aspects of being a student-athlete?

A: I definitely think trying to manage everything, because it’s really hard when you have practice right after school and then you don’t get home until six and then you have a ton of homework, while you still want to do other things. It’s just kind of hard to balance everything.

Q: How do you balance all of the school work with playing tennis?

A: I try to get as much stuff done during my free time, so if I ever have free time in class and I know I’m going to have homework I’ll try to get that started. And then just after school I make myself do it.

Q: How has playing tennis for FHN affected your relationships with your teammates?

A: It’s definitely brought me closer and I’ve met a lot of girls that I don’t think I would have met. It’s given me an opportunity to meet new people and learn how to get along with different people.

Q: What do you enjoy most about being a student-athlete?

A: It teaches you a lot like how to balance multiple things in your life, and it taught me how to manage my time. It’s also given me the upperhand in learning things faster.

Q: What made you decide to play tennis instead of a different fall sport?

A: I managed boys tennis my freshman year, and I kind of always wanted to play tennis as I was growing up and just so I decided to join the team and give it a try.

Q: Outside of playing tennis together, what is your team’s culture like?

A: There’s a lot of different personalities so it’s cool for all of us to have something in common and kind of come together and just enjoy one thing.

Q: How has playing tennis affected you as a person?

A: It’s helped me more positive about things and look on the upside because in tennis you always want to play one ball, one point at a time you don’t want to let a lost point bring you down because then you’re going to play bad so I just put that into my lifestyle and take one thing at a time, as you don’t have to worry about your whole day just keep going.


Janae Watkins 

Q: How long have you played softball?

A: Since I was 3 years old. It’s always been a big part of my life and one of my passions.

Q: What’s your position?

A: First base, that’s always been my best position.

Q: What do you enjoy most about softball?

A: The relationships I make with players and coaches and doing something I love

Q: Did your team reach the goal you were aiming for?

A: I feel like we could have done better as a team, but we still did pretty good and i’m proud of the girls.

Q: When you look back on the season what went good and what went bad?

A: I think that we got a lot closer throughout the season and I really bonded with the girls. It was a good last season.