North Star: Upcoming Events at FHN


Credit to Jordan Milewczik

Sophomore Jayden Jaeger practices snare drums in Symphonic band. The class is held in the band room during fifth hour. Symphonic band and choir have worked to get their performance together in time for the Veterans Day assembly on Nov. 10.

By Ashya Roberson and Sydney Wise

Veterans Day Assembly

For the first time, FHN will host an assembly for soldiers who defended the U.S. Choir and symphonic band will perform at the Veterans Day assembly Nov. 10.

“I’m very excited to play for the assembly because this is exactly what our school needs, and it’s just great to be able to show gratitude to our vets,” senior band member Christian Witte said.

Band Director Rob Stegeman will host it. The symphonic band and the choir will do many tributes to the veterans, including the song “Armed Forces/Pride Of America.”

“This is a melody for every branch in the military and it’s my favorite because we can show love to everyone in the military,” Witte said.

Veterans Day is observed by many people in the U.S. to honor men and women who serve each day to make the country safe and sound. Some veterans will attend the assembly, like 47-year-old Tony Mosley.

“Being able to say I’m a veteran is very honoring because not many people can say they fought in the famous Desert Storm War,” Mosley said. (Brief by Ashya Roberson)

Vegetarian Club Sells Smoothies

A small Styrofoam cup sits on the lunch table labeled “Smoothie King.” The cup is soon joined by several others, as students sit down with their friends enjoying their Strawberry X-Treme and Caribbean Way smoothies. Smoothie Day is very popular at FHN, and Vegetarian Club has noticed.

Vegetarian Club will have their very first smoothie day on Friday. The club members will make and sell banana, green, berry and tropical smoothies in the commons during lunches. Since there are no special foods, like pizza or Smoothie King, on Fridays, they decided that would be the best day to sell the smoothies. Each smoothie is 16 ounces and $4.

”The smoothie bar will add awareness to a healthier lifestyle,” Olivia Archibald, Vegetarian Club president and senior, said.

The idea came about last year when the club ran low on money to support their vegetarian dinners. Archibald and sponsor Yvonne Kehoe spoke about ways to raise money, and the smoothie bar sounded like the best option.

“I just think this will be a better way to make money fast,” Kehoe said.

The club is all about promoting a healthier lifestyle and healthy eating. They talk about different foods and share recipes during meetings, and they recently started testing out different smoothie recipes to see what tastes best. Their goal is to continue the smoothie bar every Friday for the rest of the school year, and maybe start doing other food days to raise more awareness for the club.

“Hopefully, this will raise more awareness about the Vegetarian Club and the vegetarian lifestyle,” Archibald said. “Our club is a no-judge zone.” (Brief by Sydney Wise)