2017 Fall Fashion Trends


Credit to Taylor Sheridan

Caitlind Walker and Riane Davis model in outfits ready for the 2017 fall season.

By Taylor Sheridan, FHNtoday Editor in Chief


Now that the days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder it’s time to start looking into the fall styles. Models Caitlind Walker and Riane Davis show some fall outfit ideas that are based around the trends for fall 2017-18. Some of the trends are brighter colors, double denim, over the knee boots and sweatshirts instead of sweaters.  

“I think fall fashion this year is very stylish especially for teens since we are more willing to try new things,” Davis said. “I like the high waisted jeans and skirts. I’m a big fan of boots and I really like the knee high boots in the different colors as well.”

With the weather cooling down, your first thought might be to break out the knit sweaters and boots, but this year things are changing. The typical fall colors of burgundy and dusty orange are also taking the backseat this year with brighter colors carrying over from summer.



Let’s start with the basics, those boots you’ve been waiting to wear since you put them away last year, well the trends aren’t speaking too highly of them. Those riding boots we have been wearing for years are taking a backseat to booties, sock boots and over the knee boots. Booties are the shoes that shouldn’t really be called boots cause they don’t even go over your ankle most of the time. Sock boots are a new trend in fashion that hasn’t been around to the capacity it is right now, before. They are boots that go slightly above the ankle and are tight from the ankle up. Over the knee boots are just that they are boots that go over the knee. Anything in between those styles just isn’t in anymore.



Sweaters will always be in, but this year while they are still “in style” they are taking the backseat to sweatshirts. Brands like Champion are in and we’re living for it. Layering sweatshirts and jackets are all the rage right now. Sweatshirts that look worn are even more of a big deal so maybe wash it a couple of times, or just head over to Goodwill.


The trend that I have been waiting for is back. Canadian Tuxedos, or the intentional wearing of a denim material on for pants and on your top, like jackets or shirts. You might think that is the lowest of fashion trends, but it is coming back strong this year. Jean jackets, shirts and, of course, pants are taking over this season. While leggings are comfortable, they don’t really account for much besides that this year. Make sure to give that double denim a chance before you bash on it this year, grab some jeans and a different wash jean jacket and have yourself a great day.



The colors of the season are way different than what have been seen before. As mentioned above, Champion sweatshirts are in and their primary colored sweatshirts are the colors of the season. Now those typical fall colors aren’t going to get you shunned this year but they sure are not as on trend as brighter colors are. Instead of getting color inspiration from the changing colors of the leaves, take that color and make it stand out more. The colors that have already made a big showing this year are yellow and bright orange.


This season of fashion is different than seasons past, with the brighter colors, more denim, fewer sweaters and the different lengths of boots. It’s sure to make for an interesting time shopping and putting outfits together this year.