Winter Trends: 2017 Lookbook

Taylor Sheridan

By Taylor Sheridan, FHNtoday Editor in Chief

The holidays are coming and so are finals. Just because this is a stressful time for many doesn’t mean you can’t dress to impress. You could go with a simple look with joggers or a fancier look with a dress and sweater. Model Sam Cary goes through 6 different options for outfits during this winter season.

“Winter is a great time to feel cozy but also look great,” Cary said.




Model Sam Cary shows off an outfit that features                  Model Sam Cary shows how to wear a belt this          a blanket scarf: a necessity this year.                                           winter to stay up to date with the trends



Model Sam Cary shows how you can look dressed up while staying cozy, with this sweater dress combo.