Drew Killmer Previews Home Opener in Q&A


Credit to Michal Basford

Senior Drew Killmer drives past defender

By Liz Wagner

Boys basketball takes on their first of 7 season home games on Friday, Dec. 15. After the first few games and weeks of hard work, the Knights enter into the game against Howell Central with high hopes. Senior Drew Killmer gives a preview of the matchup.


With your home opener this Friday, do you feel as if the team is prepared?

I think we’re prepared. We’ve had a couple close games, so we’re ready for last minute situations.

How has the culture of the team changed from the beginning of the year?

The culture is still being worked on a lot. We’re really working on being there for our teammates and picking each other up instead of bringing each other down. But, it’s still still early so it’s a work in progress. We’re going to get there, we’re just not there yet.

What have you been working on in practice that you hope shows in this game?

We’ve been working on a lot of game management things. We’ve scouted Central, seeing their offense, so now we can counteract that. And overall intensity.

With the first few games of the season out of the way, how has the team learned and improved so far?

We’ve improved a lot just through the last minute situations. That’s just basketball, every single play counts. Improving our decision making and trying to be an all around better team.

That’s just basketball, every single play counts.”

— Drew Killmer

What is the main focus in practice this week going into the game Friday?

The main focus is definitely a sharper defense right now. Along with more intensity from all players.

What are your expectations of the team for Friday’s game?

I expect for us to win. Central is a good team, but we play a lot of teams that are comparable to them. Also it’s going to be our first home game so everyone will be really energized to play. It will be good.