Francis Howell North Publications Sets Students Up for Success in Future

By Fabian Schwuchow

By Stacy Beasley

There are many things that happen in publications that go beyond the classroom. Room 105 has many activities and traditions that make it a unique team to join.

“Everybody in here works really hard, so throughout the year we like to have fun and enjoy each other, whether that’s carving pumpkins, or doing something for Valentine’s Day or a musical in the spring,” journalism instructor Aaron Manfull said. “I’m partial to the holiday season. Putting up the Christmas lights is a great start off to Thanksgiving break and creates an oasis for the kids.”

In room 105, students succeed only by failing. Failure is celebrated because with failure comes learning, and with learning comes growth. One of many room ideas includes a ‘whatever you are be a good one’ mindset.

Students in publications live by this saying in room 105. No matter what someone does or who they are, they must always be kind and genuine. In publications, students like to do unique things that make the room fun and a place to de-stress. There are even “special days” where a student brings in food to celebrate anything they find important, whether there’s a birthday or someone just had leftovers.

If you’re looking to make new friends, publications is a great way to do it. You will meet dozens of new people all with unique talents and ideas. This is a great place to form close bonds with people that transcend the classroom and maybe even high school itself.

Joining publications also gives students chance to travel across the country. Every spring, students have an opportunity to go to places like San Fransisco or Seattle for nationals. There’s also a trip in the fall which is in a different city every year. For example, in 2017, students went to Dallas and in 2018, students will go to Chicago.

“My goal with any student that walks through my door is for them to find a job in life that they are as happy doing as I am,” Manfull said. “Whether it’s going into journalism, or science or accounting. For me, it’s just the satisfaction of seeing them pursue things they love, and that I gave them some skills to help with around the way.”