Drew Scheer Sizes up Competition for Upcoming Parkway West Game


Credit to Michal Basford

Junior Drew Scheer takes possession of the basketball in a Knights varsity basketball game in the Howell North gym.

By Liz Wagner

On January 12, boys’ basketball will have their first Friday home game since before winter break, taking on Parkway West high school (3-11). The Knights (1-8) have been working hard in practice and are eager, ready and hopeful to add another win to their record.

“The main thing we’ve been working on in practice is improving defense,” said junior forward Drew Scheer, “I expect our team to be well prepared, we’ve had good practices this week.”

Parkway West heads into the game with a major size advantage over the Knights.

“They have a lot of size, a lot of tall players on the team. So we have to learn how to deal with them,” said Scheer. This junior forward is confident that the boys will have the right mindset heading into the game.

“We’re going into the game with a lot of energy, prepared, and are ready to give a lot of effort,” said Scheer.

Putting the two teams head to head with common opponent Chaminade (11-1-1) both the Longhorns and the Knights left with a loss, but with very different point margains. Dec 15 Parkway West lost to the Red Devils with an end score of 87-75. On December 27 the Knights fell to the same team but with a score of 89-48. With the Longhorns only falling 12 points behind as opposed to the Knight’s 41 point margain, the boys know they will have to work very hard to pull out their first home win.