Top 10 FHNtoday Stories of All Time: 3. Reddit is Psycho

Published: January 11, 2018 could be the best social media site due to its user-based design, news element and social content. But, because of its jumbled categories and undecided nature, it isn’t as great as it could be.

The website appears to be borderline schizophrenic and makes users unsure of what the site actually is. Posts range from memes and funny pictures to major stories from CNN. There is a huge range and amount of content on Reddit, which makes it a destination for all kinds of users.

Reddit’s home screen may seem messy or confusing to its visitors, but they may be able to find what they’re looking for by using the tabs at the top of the screen.

Overall, Reddit has potential to be a great destination for news and entertainment if it got itself together and updated more frequently.

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