FHSD Hosts Presentation on Student Stress and Anxiety


Credit to Isabella Schneider

Shannon Harting shows a display of tools used to help relieve students stress and anxiety. Harting spoke to parents and families about how the brain and body react to the stress students receive.

By Isabella Schneider

On Jan. 17, FHSD hosted a presentation at Bryan Middle School about what happens to the brain and body when a child or teen goes through stress and anxiety. The key speaker at this event was Shannon Harting, a licensed clinical social worker and counselor with the district.

With a gym full of eager families ready to get as much information as possible, Harting spoke about how stress and anxiety is present in students minds and body, but explained how it is normal and can be minimized.

“There really needs to be a collaboration between home and school,” Harting said. “We want parents to be able to help and overcome the stress students have.”

This presentation is important to show parents how to better understand how the mind of a student works. During the school year students go through lots of stress and anxiety.  Harting talked to parents and families about coping mechanisms and how to handle stress. Using different breathing techniques, word strategies, slime putty, play-doh and cool down methods are some of the ideas Harting suggested.

“The one main thing I hope everyone takes from this event is that being anxious is a normal emotion, just like being happy,” Harting said. “We need to be able to talk about it in a normal way and not fear the stress and anxiety we have.”