Boys Basketball Mideason Update By The Numbers


Senior Justin Mathews-Williams playing on offense against Francis Howell High

By Liz Wagner

With half of their 2017-18 season behind them, boys basketball has found their strengths and weaknesses and are looking to finish out the second half of their season strong.

As of January 25, boys basketball holds a record of 2-12-3 taking wins over Parkway West, Fort Zumwalt West and Timberland.

With a .21 win average, the Knights look to kick up intensity in the second half of their season.

The boys set ranked at 69 in Missouri class 5, just above Fort Zumwalt North and chasing Timberland who sits at 65. The Knights are also 315th in state.

Francis Howell North’s new school record for single game scoring was bumped up to 42, broken by senior Justin Mathews-Williams

Mathews-Williams is also ranked 6th overall in season points putting 330 up on the board, as of January 25, for the 2017-18 season.

This far into the year the boys only have 2 predicted wins left in the season against Fort Zumwalt West and Timberland, the boys will have to work hard to beat the odds.