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Ethan Winchester likes to spend his time listening to music.

What I’m Interested In: Music

Music is a passion to me. I’ve known music all my life. Music has been on of the things that i’ve truly enjoyed in life. I started listening to Gwen Stefani with my mom when I was five, and later I got into Steely dan with my father. For awhile I only listened to classic rock and similar genres. During middle school I heard alternative music and loved it. First it was Nirvana, then Incubus, and I pretty much only listened to Alternative rock. I heard KMFDM’s song Ultra from the album Nihil and was instantly hooked. Metal was my new groove. I loved the hard notes and guitar riffs. I liked music that has a message, music that can change your mind. Music in my opinion is  the most valuable art form. An art form that can change the thoughts of a person is true art. • Copyright 2024 • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNOLog in

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