Top Contenders For March Madness Final Four


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March 17, 2016 – Spokane, WA: A game ball sits on court the day prior to the start of the 2016 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament games at the Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena.

By Nick Browers

With March Madness right around the corner, discussing which teams have the best chance to place in the final four is anything but unusual. We’ll be looking at teams whose players have qual amounts of talent and good team chemistry. Stats were looked over very carefully as they were a major part in placing these teams.


Michigan State – Michigan State has been an absolute powerhouse this season, climbing up the college basketball ladder in superior fashion. With sophomore Miles Bridges averaging 17.3 points and freshman Jaren Jackson averaging 11.6, the Spartans have held their ground all season long. With a last second three-pointer against Purdue on Saturday, they were able to put themselves in the top spot on this weeks power-rankings. Basketball critics say they are not “mentally fit or stable” to hold a top spot in rankings. Miles Bridges is foreseen as a top fifteen draft prospect and Jackson ranks as one of the top five in the upcoming 2018 NBA Draft.

Oklahoma – The Oklahoma Sooners are very capable in becoming the underdog, and winning the NCAA championship. While their team has a pretty low defensive rating, their offense is a whole different story. The team’s offense revolves around point guard (PG) Trae Young. Sports critics and NBA players themselves have said Trae Young reminds them of the current PG on the Golden-State Warriors Stephen Curry. Trae Young currently averages 29.1 points, 4 rebounds, and 9.3 assists. He’s shooting 40 percent from behind the line, and 45 percent in the paint. There are other players on the team, of course, that allow Young to score creatively and deep. The team is the backbone for Trae Young, and he says he will “win them a championship,” he has no doubt that no matter what they’re placed in power-rankings, his team has good of chance as everyone else partaking in the tournament. Trae Young is looked at as a lottery pick in the upcoming 2018 NBA Draft. He had a top three spot from the very beginning. Everyone knew that.  


Virginia Cavaliers – The Virginia Cavaliers are one of the country’s very best teams. Their team doesn’t really stand out offensively but their defense is completely otherworldly. They have one of the greatest defensive ratings in the college basketball today if not the highest. With a team that has this great of defense they don’t necessarily need elite offense to get the “W”. Some notable players that make this possible is SG Devon Hall (4.2 RPG), and SF Isaiah Wilkins (6.6 RPG). However none of these talented defensive players are perceived as prospects for the upcoming 2018 NBA Draft. These are bound to change since March Madness has yet to start, and the tournament always plays a big role on draft picks.

Villanova – The Villanova Wildcats are one of the most popular college basketball teams up-to date. Every year the Wildcats always do amazingly well and always find themselves to be competing in the Sweet Sixteen or the Elite Eight. This year, It obviously doesn’t look any different. They are 10-3 in conference and 23-3 overall. The Wildcats are balanced offensively and defensively which allows them to walk away from most games with an easy “W.” They’ve been using to short rotations which allows them to efficiently score and play tremendous defense.