Junior Abbie Miller’s Soccer Team is Seeded First for Nationals


Junior Abbie Miller poses for a picture after a game with her soccer team. Miller has been playing Scott Gallagher Elite for four years. Miller is seated on the bottom row on the far left. (Photo submitted)

By Mackenzie Pugh, North Star Staffer

She has been playing soccer since she was four years old. She has devoted the past 13 years to the sport. The time and effort Abbie Miller and her teammates have spent has resulted in her team, Scott Gallagher Elite, earning a first seed for their Nationals tournament, which will take place in Seattle in mid-June. They knew about the accomplishment after their season ended in January, as seeding is based on their successful record off 17-0-0 and goal differential of 60.

“We were really excited when we heard we were seeded first because last year we were seeded fourth and this just stepped it up a lot more,” Miller said.

Although Miller’s team has gone to Nationals every year since they were 14 years old, this year Miller is expecting more than she has in the past. In the past three years they have made it into the highest of the three tiers of Nationals twice, but this is the first time any team from Scott Gallagher has ever had a perfect record, earning a first seed. The team is now made up of juniors and seniors and this year Miller believes her team can make it into the final four. As they are going up against the top 16 teams in the country, they will continue to practice until the high school season starts, although they have no games, in order to prepare. As they are one of only two teams from the Midwest, they will face teams they have never seen before.

“Getting closer as a team will really help us win, especially when it comes to working together at practice and outside of practice too,” Miller said. “The tournament is really intense, and we just want to win.”

Miller has played on the team since it formed, which was three years ago. She plays the center mid position for both Scott Gallagher Elite and FHN’s girls’ soccer team. Junior Sam Cary is the only other girl from FHN on the Scott Gallagher team.

“Playing for Scott Gallagher helps me figure out what I need to work on specifically throughout my high school season to better myself as a player,” Miller said. “Going to Nationals helps me work harder and push my teammates to work harder.”