Upamaka Update: February 2018

By Uma Upamaka

In this episode of the Upamaka Update, host Uma Upamaka discusses the remarkable response to congressional inaction given by the survivors of the Parkland school shooting. More often than not, it becomes taboo to discuss gun control after a school shooting. However, the survivors of the Parkland shooting have broken every single unspoken taboo regarding discussions about gun control. Soon after the shooting, these survivors began a movement that would sweep the nation. “#NeverAgain” was trending on Twitter in what seemed like a matter of moments. Alongside the hashtag, there was a date: March 24th, when students all across the country were invited to march out of their classrooms at 10:00 a.m. for exactly 17 minutes to protest lax gun control measures. Throughout the course of this podcast, Upamaka discusses the unprecedented response by the survivors, and its potential impact on future students.