Boys Golf Excited to Tee Off and Get Season Underway


Credit to Kyra Peper

Senior Ben Harris selects a club on 4/25 against Francis Howell.

By J Pae

The boys varsity golf is set to open the season up with new players who are eager to learn and have already set multiple goals for this upcoming season. Mark Wright, varsity head coach, will be going into his sixth year of coaching golf and is pleased to have great players coming to the course.

“This year we have more new people in the team, a few seniors graduated last year and there’s been a number of freshmans so we will probably have a different look this year,” said Wright.

“I’m pretty excited about it. It’s always fun to have new people come to the program and help them try and improve.”

As in any sport, every player sets a goal for the end of the season. For Wright and his golfers, he really wants his players to have improvement and a strive to get better.

“We really want to have each individual get better by the end of the season than when they started,” said Wright. “It’s pretty simple because golf is a very individual sport so it’s hard to say that this is what I want everyone to do.”

When it comes to the sport of golf, it’s about more than just hitting the ball. The amount of dedication, time, and strong mentality to play golf is far beyond what people think.

“I feel like people just turn on the TV and just see professionals hit the ball, seeking putts from far distances but people don’t understand the amount of preparations that are being made to play in the professional level,” said Wright. “It is not a sport you can perfect fast and easy, you really have to work at it and practice for a long period of time.”

With their first match coming up against the St. Charles Invitational, it will be a challenge. For Wright, he states that most of his matches will be very competitive and will not be easy. That goes for almost all matches against any team.

“It is always competitive, we play in a conference with a lot of good teams. I expect it to be a challenge on who ever we play,” said Wright.