Athlete of the Week: Julia Kristensen


Credit to Submitted Photo

Freshman Julia Kristensen slides in on an attacker in a club match.

By Stacy Beasley

Q: Why did you start playing soccer?

A: Both my parents played soccer in their childhood, and wanted me to carry it on, so pretty much my whole family has played soccer.

Q: What are you most excited for this season?

A: I’m most excited to see how far our team can go, and see what achievements we can get as a team.

Q: How does it feel being a freshman on varsity?

A: It feels good, I was pretty excited when I found out, and a lot of people said I was gonna make it but I didn’t want to get myself into thinking that just in case.

Q: How did you get to the level your at?

A: I always would work on my own in my childhood, and my dad always took me to this trainer and he was one of the best trainers I ever had.

Q: What motivates you the most to keep improving?

A: College. I definitely wanna go to a good school and get a scholarship. If I could take it even farther than that I will.

Q: How will you improve throughout high school?

A: Working on your own helps so much. Just going out and doing the practices will only make you as good as everybody else on the team, so you have to go beyond that in order to improve.

Q: How would you describe a practice?

A: We do a lot of practicing, and we do a keep away. Then small sets of games and sometimes we run.

Q: How would you compare high school practice to middle school?

A: Their kind of alike. Lots of passing. The only big difference is at my club we have a training center that we workout at.

Q: How do you balance academics and sports

A: During club season is hard because its all the way in Fenton, and I like to set school first. That’ll always be there but soccer won’t be there my whole life.