Track and Field Throwers Enter Season with New Faces


Credit to Jordan Milewczik

The Track and Field season is now in full swing. The team has 15 members spanning all grade levels. Their first meet is on Wednesday Mar. 22 in the FHSD meet.

By Jordan Milewczik

Things change every year. Sometimes they’re as minor as the weather and other times it’s a whole new environment. This is a change that the Francis Howell North field team is facing this year at the head coaching position. For the past 15 years, outdoor education and gym teacher John Brune coached the throwers section of the team. However, the Knights will have a new head coach in Jasmine Boyer. Boyer is a former thrower from the area who has been throwing since she was nine years old.

Boyer, a Fort Zumwalt West alumni, started competing in throwing events 18 years ago after a friend dared her to throw a shot put. From there she was obsessed. She continued with the sport all the way through college. After college she continued working as a personal throwing trainer to high school students. This is how she would come into contact with junior Patty O’Leary. Boyer was recommended to O’Leary by the coach of the Kansas University field team. Boyer was then contacted by track coach Kim Martin after O’Leary recommended her.

“I had so many people that supported me early on, and I felt like I needed to return the favor,” Boyer remarked.

The coaching change has brought a very distinct change in the team’s practice regiment too. The team has added a day to their practice regiment from last year. They practice six times a week including three days of lifting, two days of conditioning, and only one day of throwing.

“I believe in peaking an athletes potential, but you have to do it at the right time too,” Boyer said.

The team and Boyer herself have very similar goals. They each have a goal to be the best that they can be.

“My goal is to beat my personal record in my shot put. With her [Boyer] success is guaranteed,” O’Leary said.

The team is going to put all of this work and practice to the test this upcoming week. The team will be participating in the Francis Howell Track & Field meet on Wednesday, March 21.

“When I first met the team I thought ‘there is some real potential here’. I can’t wait to see their hard work pay off next week and all season,” Boyer said.