Sprinters Kick Off Season at Tri-Meet


Credit to Sam Cary

Howell North sprinter competes on FHN’s track.

By Stacy Beasley

On Wednesday, March 21, the Knights’ track and field team attended their annual Tri-meet. This is a non-competitive meet involving all of the Howell high schools. Even though it’s not considered a real meet, all track and field events are still involved. According to runners, this meet was kind of rocky but a learning experience as well.

“Distance did really well, but sprints got off to kind of a rocky start,” junior sprinter Kira Ward said. “We’re not necessarily speed based at this point in the season, we’re doing a lot of conditioning. So I feel like our times could have been better, but we’re definitely getting there.”

With Reed Lunsford as the new head coach, the team has an almost entirely new workout regime. With an emphasis on cardiovascular endurance, the team has focused on the technical aspect of sprints, which translated into the performances at the meet.

“I think everyone’s times looked pretty good for a first meet,” junior Kathryn Brooks said. “I think we do need to keep working out cardio and endurance, and definitely need to work on hand-offs. We had a lot of people coming out of lanes and runners having to pick up slack because of dropped batons.”

This meet gave the team a good look as to what they’re working with. Now they’ll move forward with a gameplan of how to attack the rest of the season. With a bigger focus on stamina, the team hopes to master the technical aspect of sprinting and go far for the rest of the season.

“If we keep working how we’re working, we are going to be one of the better track teams they’ve had at FHN,” Brooks said. “I don’t think they have ever really worked us this hard and pushed us to be the best. So if we keep working like this I think we can go far.”