Knightsound Goes to Disney World for Competition

By Sophie Carite

FHN Knightsound headed to Disney World on March 21 for Festival Disney, a choir competition at the national level. The 21 attending members will be performing 20 minutes of music before a panel of three collegiate choir directors who will judge the competition, and offer feedback to the group. According to sophomore Matthew Juhlin, this feedback will be more than beneficial to the group.

“It’s a really good learning experience for all of us as the judges come and speak to us individually,” Juhlin said.

In the last competition, Knightsound took home best in show choir and a superior rating, but Director of Vocal Music Jennifer Crane says that while she expects Knightsound to give their best performance, the group is competing in an entirely new category. Rather than competing in show choir, Knightsound is performing as a chamber choir.

To prepare for the drastic change and the competition over all, Knightsound has been rehearsing every day after school for weeks.

“Choir can be a lot of work, but I really enjoy it,” Juhlin said. “I think everyone is excited for the opportunities this competition gives and for getting to spend a week in Disney.”

The group will return on March 27 after spending five days in the parks and one day competing. Knightsound still has other competitions left in the year, but Festival Disney is what most students consider to be the most exciting.

“I think the fun and excitement of getting to show their skill combined with the experience that we get doing this as a family is what makes this so fun and valuable for the kids,” Crane said.