Varsity Tennis Confident Heading into Spring Break


Credit to Kyra Peper

Senior Sachin Milli returns a serve in a varsity tennis match on 3/31 vs. FZN.

By Fabian Schwuchow

While FHN has spring break, the varsity boys tennis team will go on to face multiple opponents. First the varsity team will face Fort. Zumwalt West on Mar. 28, and then Howell Central the next day.

“Our goal is it to win against Francis Howell Central, as they’re another Howell team,” head coach Beth Jameson said. “I’d like to see us have a strong win, not just a close win but really pull out ahead and feel confident in our games.”

In order to accomplish this goal, the team changed the practice structure, started practicing their strokes to get confidence in building up strokes and to get confidence with the game plan. The team believes that they can come out in good shape on Wednesday and Thursday. They will go into the games without a couple of strong players: the number two freshman Ben Ell and varsity silver player Ronald Joel.

“Personally I just think it will help out momentum, and after we have everyone back it will be even a bigger boost and I think that will help us for the rest of the season,” Cole Sherman said.

To go along with Fort Zumwalt West and Howell Central, the Knights will also take on Troy Buchanan during spring break. The team believes that one of the biggest challenges will be that all the teams they face want the win as bad as the Knights want it, so all the teams are putting in a lot of work and a lot of time to prepare for the games over the break.

“We definitely can’t be overconfident, so we just need to go out there and focus on the fundamentals and play our game,” Jameson said.

Spring break could bring the Knights an early lead in this season and they believe that if they start out with a lot of wins it will go on like that. After a three day weekend, the team will go on practicing on the non-match days so the team stays fit and learns new strategies for the upcoming games.

“We have tougher matches after spring break, we have Parkway South, who’s promising to be a very strong team as they were last year, which will probably be the toughest match we will be looking forward to,” Jameson said. “But I think we are just going to continue on, hopefully everybody’s energy will still be good, because we are getting towards the end of the school year.”