Inside Look at Some of this Years Tennis Players

By Fabian Schwuchow

Colby Winner

Senior Colby Winner just joined the FHN tennis team this season. He decided to start playing this season because many of his friends play tennis and he wanted to spend more time with them. This season he wants to test how far he can go and see if it could be a sport he might play in college.

“You get to connect with people you wouldn’t have known before, and even make deeper connections with the friends you have,” Winner said.

Dev Patel

Senior Dev Patel started playing tennis his freshman year. In middle school, he played baseball until seventh grade and decided that when he got in high school he wanted to try something new. All his friends played tennis, so he thought he could get a better relationship with them through playing a sport with them.

“I just love the environment,” Patel said.  “All the people on the team are fun and they are just fun people to be around and play a sport.”

Sachin Milli

Junior Sachin Milli started playing tennis two and a half years ago. He enjoys that it helps him make new friends. Milli personally looks forward to just getting out of the daily routine of school, coming out to the field, forgetting about the things that are going on in school and just having fun.

“I started playing tennis because a lot of my friends started playing tennis,” Milli said. “They just took me out one day, and I thought that it was really fun.”

Brendan Schmidt

Senior Brendan Schmidt played soccer up until his freshman year when he wanted to try something new. Schmidt found his love for tennis in a summer camp. He enjoys the competitive aspect the most and hopes to get better and have fun this upcoming season. His motivation is it to meet his friends every day and have something to look forward to each day of school.

“It just makes the school day better to know that I’ll play tennis afterward,” Schmidt said.