Robin Yuede Receives Howell of Fame Award


Credit to Sam Cary

By Uma Upamaka

Every year, the Howell of Fame award honors a faculty member, volunteer or resident of FHSD who goes above and beyond to make the district perform. This year, Robin Yuede, a FHN teacher, received the award on April 6. Yuede currently teaches the course College 101/Transition Skills and, in addition, coaches volleyball. Aside from teaching and coaching volleyball, Yuede has also been instrumental in aiding the improvement of the transition programs across the district, which help students be more prepared for the transition in between high school and secondary education. Yuede spends a few days at each high school in the district, not only teaching the Studies and Transition Skills classes at FHN, but also at FHHS and FHC.


“I think she deserved this award, because she gives all of her time to making this district a better place,” junior Sarah Zimmerman, one of Yuede’s athletes, said. “She puts time into volleyball and everything else. I can’t think of a better person to get this [award].”

(Photos by Sam Cary)