Boys Varsity Golf Team Competes at St. Charles Invitational


Credit to Michaela Erfling

The varsity golf team competes in a match on 4/18 against Francis Howell.

By J Pae

The varsity boys golf team competed at Bogey Hills for the St. Charles Invitational Golf Tournament on April 16. They placed fifth in their division despite the rough conditions with the weather, which made it a challenging course for golf. Mark Wright, head coach of the varsity team, is happy to see many improvements from his players and their “best round of the year.”

“I thought we did pretty well, we finished fifth out of 10 in our division,” Wright said. “We had three out of our five guys that played get their best round of the year so far. It was really good to see the guys improve despite the tough conditions outside that day.”

Some of the younger players that have strong potential going forward have stepped up for the team. During the invitational, Zach Askew and Caleb Galvin have been competing at the varsity level of golf. So far, they have done well going against the upperclassman opponents.

“Zach Askew and Caleb Galvin are the young players to watch, as they are both sophomores competing in a varsity level,” Wright said.

To go along with the tough weather conditions, Bogey Hills is known for its’ tough courses and fast greens. As a result, every competitor in the tournament had to be more precise with their shots and really think about where their balls will land.

“The tournament took place at Bogey Hills which is a challenging course,” Wright said. “The greens are pretty fast there which makes it more difficult to putt. Fairways couldn’t be fairly tight there which makes the players really take their shots more carefully.”