AP Art Studio Displays Artwork at Lillian Yahn Art Gallery


Credit to Allie Moore

Senior Riley Kampff works on an art piece in the AP art room. The Lillian Yahn Art Gallery had an AP art exhibition for FHN and FHHS April 10-26.

By Sophie Carite

In FHN teacher Mandy Knight’s class, the AP art studio students each displayed two pieces at the Lillian Yahn art gallery. The gallery was on display from April 10 to April 26 and ended with a reception on the last night of the gallery, where the students brought friends and family to view their art.

FHN isn’t the only school that participated, AP art students from FHHS also displayed their work in the gallery.

“We do the gallery with a class from Howell every year,” Knight said. “It’s a good way for the students to interact and share a positive experience.”

Over the school year, Knight’s students created 24 pieces of art. From these 24 pieces, the students had to choose the two that they felt best represented them as artists. Senior Riley Kampff selected a painting of Amy Winehouse depicted as Frida Kahlo’s ‘Thinking of Death,’ as well as a piece depicting 80’s expressionist Jean-Michel Basquiat in an expressionist style. For Kampff the choice was simple with the help of Knight.

“She didn’t just help with choosing our pieces,” Kampff said. “She was a huge help with framing and matting our work so that it would look nice when we put it up at the gallery.”

According to Knight, having art on display in a gallery is a meaningful experience for any artist, especially high school students.

“It’s one thing to show pictures of what you do to someone, but it’s a whole other experience to get to show it off in a gallery,” Kampff said. “It makes you feel like a real artist.”