Take a Look Behind the Scenes of the FHN Publications


By Phoebe Primeau and Allie More

When flipping through the North Star newspaper or browsing the FHNtoday website, many students have overlooked the people behind the page. Whether it be a web page or a section in the newspaper, so much hard work is poured into it by the publications staff.

Emily Hood, a sophomore on the video staff for publications, takes on many other projects then just what is assigned to her.

“My main project is working on my weekly show, The Hood Report, where I recap some of the top stories from the past week with my own personal flair added to it,” said Hood. “I love working with The Hood Report because it gives me an opportunity to showcase my creativity and I’ve had so much amazing support from everyone in the room.”

Publications not only gives students an opportunity to express themselves through all types of media but also helps to find a place where everyone belongs.

“Being on staff has given me the opportunity to meet some of the best people that I have ever met and has really given me the chance to branch out and try new things,” said photo editor Sam Cary. “It’s just a community that I can always trust and I can always go to the room and talk to people who make me laugh and smile. It is by far my favorite place at FHN.”

As the year comes to a close, a question on all staffers mind is what will next year look like? Spots are still open to any student who has enrolled or is currently enrolled in any journalism class.

“Joining staff isn’t just for people who want to enter journalism. I’ve met people from so many different areas who are headed in so many different paths,” Hood said. “Everyone in the room comes together in such an amazing way, and it truly feels like a big family that I’m so thankful to be a part of. The friendships that you form in this room will stay with you forever, and the people in 105 have given me a home and helped to shape my future for the better.”