Get Involved in Sports

If you know me you know my life pretty much revolves around lacrosse. We’re talking eat, sleep, breath stick skills and wall ball. A lot of people view this as a bad thing, being too caught up in athletics. But honestly, becoming involved in sports, lacrosse in particular, was easily the best decision I made in my past 4 years.  

I’ve participated in 4 different sports throughout my high school career along with travel teams and doubling up 2 sports in the spring season. Though overwhelming at times, I wouldn’t change this. Participating in athletics has the power to shape you as a person. Playing sports through school automatically gives you a group of close friends. As an underclassmen it gives you role models and a support system, and as an upperclassmen it gives you a chance to be a leader. It teaches you work ethic, self discipline and dedication.

Playing lacrosse has given me self confidence that I may not have ever had if I didn’t try out for the team my freshman year. It has shaped me as a person and helped to develop nearly all of my personality traits. As a senior I know my hardest goodbyes are going to be to my coaches and teammates. My biggest piece of advice I can give is get involved in athletics, because once you put your jersey on you’re never going to want to take it off. • Copyright 2021 • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNOLog in